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Small decorative items we wearto make us feel beautiful! In our jewelry collection we are offering hand crafted sterling silver jewelry from Thailand, India and Mexico. Of the most beautiful in the collection is the hand crafted sterling silver with cultured pearl drop earrings.  


  This stunning piece of jewelry was handcrafted by an artist named Alok Jain from India.     Alok says, "My journey into handicrafts has been great, yet the highlight came in 1995, when the Sultan of Brunei placed an order for my designs!"  Lately, I have been much more involved in the design of jewelry. I'm inspired by nature hence you will find that most of my jewelry items feature natural motifs.

Alok Jain and was born on December 12, 1971. His family has been involved in the realm of handicrafts for many years now. He was barely 17 years old when he realized was completely immersed in the creation of handcrafted pieces, including sandalwood and brass items and jewelry, among others.

Gift Emporia can offer you unique handcrafted jewelry from artisans in Brazil, The Andes, Mexico, India, Thailand, Central America and West Africa.  Name your gem be it amethyst, emeralds, freshwater or cultured pearls, marcasite, moonstone, onyx, opal, topaz, rose quartz,  - just to name a few.  Looking for beautiful wedding jewelry for your big day - Email us on and we will try to help you find that something special.


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